Why Page Speed Test Is Significant For Websites

Have you considered stopping for a moment and seeing your surroundings and how everything has been changing so fast, especially with technology? Everything seems to happen so fast that there are people left behind or just do not want anything to do with the recent advancement of technology anymore since they can no longer keep up with it anymore. This means that people can get impatient even if they have the capacity to be patient at all times. This could also be especially be true with web pages. It matters to internet users that by the moment they open the page, it will load automatically.

Page speed matters to search engines, after all. The page speed was just recently added to Google as one of the factors that determine the page ranking of websites. While this is not something that surprises developers, it became a very significant move for Google as it wants to utilize the usability metrics in aiding to the rank pages. You need to make your website a priority as slow websites have slowly brought itself down in the ranks due to its decrease satisfaction levels from its visitors. You will even hear other experts say how Google is obsessed with page speed. It isn’t really that breaking, but you should take into great consideration how fast your site loads upon visit. They have even shared on how much they are struggling to keep the entire web super fast. The reason why Google prefers the super fast is because of the study they conducted before. It seems users prefer to go with higher search results, which made them do some changes.

While Google has certainly delivered their message, people should know that even without Google’s changes, site speed matters a lot because it brings better experience for visitors. This is considered common sense. Just think about it from a user’s perspective – how many websites have you left or closed because their website takes forever to load? There was also recent study that showed how online shoppers do not complete their purchase if the site is too slow to load. Over time, the need for more speed has increased rapidly. A good SEO auditor is one who knows how to check the website speed and understand the importance of it too in regards to ranking websites in search engines. Google consider it as an important ranking factor these days. You can know more about checking Website speed  at Digital Inspectors official website. There is also certain research that suggested web users expect the page to completely load in just two seconds. At peak times, consumers prefer or are willing to go to competitor websites rather than dwell with slow speed ones. Super fast websites are preferable and more beneficial for business. One study even showed a 7 percent drop in sales for just a second delay.

Even for simple or minimalistic websites are expected to be very fast. How are you going to check out that your website is up on par with the rest of the fastest page speed in the internet? You can utilize the free tools used by developers that measures the loading time of a website. Google utilizes a Page Speed score between 0 to 100 points. Google gives the score to better performing websites, of course this includes how fast the page loads. The score is given by the Page Speed Insights created by the very same company itself. The results can be used to improve the speed of your page.

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