What do you know about Parenting Order?

Parenting is one of the most difficult tasks when you have your own family. Raising a child may not be easy because you have to support them as they grow up and develop each of the aspects needed when they reach adulthood. If the child was not raised properly they might end up being astray and can bring trouble to other people. It is important to guide your children in every way so they will be able to build a good example of a good family as well. If it can’t be done, then you need to seek parenting advice.

A parenting order can be issued to parents if they are not able to make an agreement on how they will divide their responsibilities to their children. But before applying to the court, parents can ask legal advice to know their legal rights and their responsibilities. The lawyer can explain to the parents about the procedure of the law. The court will issue parenting order with what the Family law Australia Act requires on the best interest of the child in Australia. It is important to consider the best interest of the child when applying for a parenting orders Melbourne if you live in Melbourne. The two tiers of considerations are the primary and additional considerations. The primary considerations primarily want the benefit to children of having meaningful relationships with both parents and the need to protect children from physical or psychological harm. It means the children should not be exposed to any violence from the family and both parents should have a good relationship with their children.


The additional considerations are still in the benefit of the interests of the child. Most of what you will notice on the additional considerations mainly is about the communication of the parents to their children and also about how the parents will be providing the child’s needs. Attitude of the parents to the child and also their responsibilities need to be considered as well. The court will need to consider also the family violence that involves or applies to the child or with any member of the family. The court also has to consider the extent if the parents failed to fulfill or if they are able to fulfill their responsibilities. The extent to which each parent has taken or failed to take the opportunity to participate in decision making regarding long-term issues of the child, able to communicate with their child and met obligations with parent’s involvement in taking care of the child.

Parenting is serious and parents need to do their obligations to their child until they reach the right age. For as long as their children are still going to school parents need to guide them so they will be able to be a good adult in the future. The children can be a good parent in the future if they are properly raised. Good parenting is the key to a child’s brighter future. So it is best that both parents will have plans for their child to have a better future.

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