Organic Cures For Common Ailments

When you find yourself sick or got minor cuts or wounds, your first reaction would be to look for a way to cure it. The next step would be to follow the common advice given by doctors on how to apply first aid. This is through medicines chemically produced and sold either at pharmacies or over the counter. But even with these first aid already offered to common people, there are people who deprive themselves of the usual way and just stick to a more ‘natural’ way of curing themselves, and that is by going organic – ones that are easily accessed at the comfort of your kitchen.

The common ailments that people face are either burns, minor wounds, flu and colds, rashes, bites and stings, diarrhea, and UTI. For burns, use honey or filleted cactus pads. The former is effective against burns as it will stop further infection; it will also stimulate regeneration and will aid in keeping the affected area moistened. As for the latter, place the cactus pads on top of the burn directly and bandage it up. If it is a sunburn, rub it against the area affected. Rashes is addressed depending on its source. If it is hives, you will need to apply the root of Echinacea angustifolia topically with the use of a cotton ball to apply it to the affected area. Rashes that are caused by poison ivy is addressed using the jewelweed salve. For bites and stings, you should use the prickly pear the same way you do with the burns. Visit top websites to get natural health products online.

Organic Cures For Common Ailments

For flu and colds, use the fresh juice of ginger. The pulp of the ginger has a lot of juice there, which is where you get your remedy. Maybe taking in the juice is too much for others to handle, so you can make your own concoction by mixing it with honey and a little bit of cayenne pepper. You might want to research more about how you can create your own remedies at the heart of your kitchen or your little garden so that whenever these common ailments attack you or your loved ones, you already know what to do and address them right away. This will not only save you money from buying the first aid medicines at pharmacies, but it will also prevent your body from becoming dependent on chemically produced medicines. This is especially true for colds and flu – certain medicines will wear off of its effectiveness when the user has taken the medicine frequently.

Maybe by doing such things, you will be thinking of growing a garden full of plants that have medicinal properties, in a way that will keep you ready not only for ingredients for making food but for organic remedies. When you make your own medicinal garden, you will also feel and realize how organic vitamins are used and as to why they can be very expensive. This is because the process it takes to complete a product goes through so much effort compared to the ones made in the industry. With the things that you have learned, you can also teach your friends how to cure their common ailments with organic remedies, too.

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