5 Unusual Things You Could Do On A Saturday Afternoon

We work hard all week long and when the weekend finally comes all we want is to relax and enjoy our days off.  However, at the same time, most of our weekends fly us by, so that’s when Monday comes, we are unsure whether we had any rest at all.  How come people always remember their vacations?  It’s because they experience something new and extraordinary.  How come we don’t remember most of our weekends?  Well, probably because we don’t do anything new or extraordinary.  Therefore, if you want to remember your weekends, instead of just watch time fly by you, you should do something to break the mold.  You should do something exciting, something new.  Here are five unusual things you could do on a Saturday afternoon.

Fish Pedicure5. Go To A Fish Pedicure

How you heard about fish pedicure?  It’s a pedicure where tiny fish you eat your dead skin off your feet, and making your feet lovely and smooth again.  It might sound a bit strange, but if you should get a regular pedicure, why not go to a fish pedicure.  When someone asks you what have you been doing during the weekend, you will have an interesting story to tell.

4. Go Horseback Riding

This is precisely how I imagine a perfect Saturday afternoon!  Going horseback riding will definitely make your entire weekend amazing.  Not only that you will have a great story to tell, but also you will interact with horses, the most amazing animals, that have an absolutely positive effect on people.

3. Go Paragliding

If you are an adventurer, you could consider going door paragliding during the weekend.  This is a great opportunity for you to experience something new and get a relief from a busy work week.  Furthermore, paragliding will give you an adrenaline rush you have needed.  You will start a new week completely energized and ready for whatever may come along your way.


2. Try A Room Escape Game

If you like playing games and solving puzzles, you should definitely try a room escape game.  It’s a game where you and your teammates (preferably two or three friends) are locked inside a room.  In order to get out of the room you have to solve different puzzles and clues.  The point of the game is to escape this room in limited time, or sooner.  It’s a fun way to spend your Saturday afternoon, and it can help you bond with your friends.

1. Go Hiking

If you want to have some time to think about everything and enjoy nature, you should go hiking on a Saturday afternoon.  It will give you a nice opportunity to recollect your thoughts, but you will also enjoying nature and feel more energized.  When you go back to work on Monday, you will have amazing stories to tell.

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